About Me

Hi, I’m Marlene!

I’m so happy you’re here! Welcome to my blog site!

I am a full time working Mom, Wife and Daughter. I have 2 wonderful and wild boys and they are about 11 years apart. I am married to my amazing wonderful supportive husband who works hard for our family everyday. I am also very blessed to still have my amazing mother whom I take care of.

Since I was young I always like to dabble into a little bit of everything. I always loved to learn and experience new things and not take each day for granted. I can say that out of all those things I’ve dabbled into I love being a mom the most and the next I would say I do love to eat and cook!

I found so many ways to help being a mom a bit easier including using the small amount of time we have to make delicious food & coming up with tips, tricks and hacks on that thing called mom life.

I wanted to write my blog on sharing life tips, tricks and hacks on being a mom to my boys. I wanted to also share recipes that I cook, create, experiment and eat with my family. We love to eat, cook and dabble here and there and come up with new recipes in our home!

Let’s get the sharing started!

xoxo, Marlene